I am looking for a good site to throw up my pet projects. Its nothing I want published to the world at large (if at all possible), its just for stuff that I want to play around with.

The big thing is that I am going to need the ability to delete projects when I am done with them, something that wouldn't be supported if I checked multiple projects into say SVN, due to the revision control.

I would just install local SVN and set up mutliple repositories, but that has the disadvantage of being local LAN only (I really don't want to open ports to the internet) and requiring that I leave the machine I set it up on at all times.

I don't have any preference in what version control system is used. Any suggestions?

Accepted Answer

Check out http://xp-dev.com/ it is free SVN hosting that will allow you multiple repositories and will allow you to remove them, and they are private.

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