In PHP, I can do something like this:

class MyClass
  function __call($name, $args)
    print('you tried to call a the method named: ' . $name);
$Obj = new MyClass();
$Obj->nonexistant_method();   // prints "you tried to call a method named: nonexistant_method"

This would be handy to be able to do in Python for a project I'm working on (lots of nasty XML to parse, it'd be nice to turn it into objects and be able to just call methods.

Does Python have an equivalent?

Accepted Answer

Define a __getattr__ method on your object, and return a function (or a closure) from it.

In [1]: class A:
   ...:     def __getattr__(self, name):
   ...:         def function():
   ...:             print("You tried to call a method named: %s" % name)
   ...:         return function

In [2]: a = A()

In [3]: a.test()
You tried to call a method named: test
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