Can someone provide me a reference to a good PHPUnit mock guide? The one in the official documentation doesn't seem to be detailed enough. I am trying to study PHPUnit by reading the source code, but I am not familiar with the term matcher, invocation mocker, stub return, etc.

I need to know about the following:

1) How to expect multiple calls to a mock object's method, but each return a different sets of value?

    ->will($this->returnValue(2)); // I need the second call to return different value

2) How to expect a call to a mock object's method with multiple parameters?

Accepted Answer

[Note: All code samples from the sites linked, follow the links for more thorough explanations.]

Return Different Values

The (current) PHPUnit documentation suggests using a callback or onConsecutiveCalls():


     ->will($this->onConsecutiveCalls(2, 3, 5, 7));

Expect Multiple Parameters

with() may contain multiple parameters:


Test Multiple Calls

Although not ask, on a related topic (and not in the PHPUnit documentation that I can find), you can use at() to set expectations for multiple calls to a method:

          ->will($this->returnValue("3 4"));
          ->will($this->returnValue("4 6"));
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