I'm reading some files and I need to remove all the apostrophes in the strings except the ones in words ending with 's.


Frank's blue car -> Frank's blue car

Frank 'blue' car -> Frank blue car

'Frank's blue car -> Frank's blue car

Frank's' blue 'car -> Frank's blue car

'Frank blue car' -> Frank blue car

Frank'blue'car -> Frankbluecar

Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: Modified question since I just need the words ending with 's to keep the apostrophe and not only the singular possessive ones.


Only ' characters or also ’ characters?

Written by WTP

Only ' -Thanks!!

Written by Shaz

can you precize your language (php, C#, java ...) please.

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I specified the language (php) but @nick removed it from the tags.

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@Stephan, why do we need language? I removed the PHP tag because the question made no mention of it being important. If you feel I made the wrong decision please, by all means, add the PHP tag.

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@Nick the language indicates which flavour is in use, since regex varies from flavour to flavour. Some flavour may accept some extensions when others don't.

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Accepted Answer

So basically you want to disallow apostrophes that aren't surrounded by letters on both sides. You can try the following:


Replace anything that matches that with an empty string.

If you want to allow some contractions also, you can replace the s above with another [a-z]. Note that this will also block things like 'tis and 'twas, though.

Note, also, that without an English dictionary database, it will be impossible to distinguish between singular-possessive and contractions ending in S such as "he's" and "it's".

Written by Justin Morgan
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