I currently have a url like: http://testsite.local/search/?q=findme for my search page once someone makes a query. I use mod_rewrite to rewrite some of the pages and was wondering if it was possible to make this into a nice url like: http://testsite.local/search/1/findme/ (the number 1 being the page of the set of results).



Just a thought: shouldn't it be /findme/1/ instead of /1/findme/?

Written by Evan Mulawski

Haha yes, yes it should. But thats the least of my problems atm.

Written by luke.browning

Accepted Answer

Ok, none of these methods were what I was looking for, after a little research I just decided to redirect to the correct page when a page has a query string. So when a search was made, I just did this:

if ($_GET["posted"] == "true") {
header("Location: /search/" . $_GET["q"] . "/1/");

I know the page has just been posted from a form as it has the hidden "posted" field.

Written by luke.browning
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