I have written a php script which generates an sql file containing all tables in my database. What i want to do is execute this script daily or every n days. I have read about cron but i am actually using Windows. How can i automate the execution of the script on the server? Thanks!

Accepted Answer

You'll need to add a scheduled task to call the URL.

First of all, read up here: MS KB - this is for Windows XP.

Second, you'll need some way to call the URL - i'd recommend using something like wget - this way you can call the URL and save the output to a file, so you can see what the debug output is. You can get hold of wget on this page.

Final step is, as Gabriel says, write a batch file to tie all this up, then away you go.

e: wget is pretty simple to use, but if you have any issues, leave a comment and I'll help out.

ee: thinking about it, you don't even really need a batch file, and could just call wget directly..

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