Is there any kind of function or quick process for comparing two arrays in PHP in a way that if the value of one array exists as a key in the second array, the second array maintains its key's value, otherwise that key's value gets set to 0.

For example,

$first_array = array('fred', 'george', 'susie');

$second_array = array(
                'fred' => '21', 
                'george' => '13',     
                'mandy' => '31',     
                'susie' => '11'

After comparing the two, ideally my final array would be:

Fred > 21
George > 13
Mandy > 0 
Susie > 11

Where Mandy was set to 0 because the key didn't exist as a value in the first array…..

I know it's probably kind of an odd thing to want to do! But any help would be great.


could be done with array_walk() or array_map() or foreach() as below

Written by Dagon

interesting, thanks Dagon. I'll look those functions up.

Written by coopertrooper

Accepted Answer

foreach ($second_array as $key=>$val) {
    if (!in_array($key, $first_array))) {
        $second_array[$key] = 0;

Although you may want to build the first array as a set so that the overall runtime will be O(N) instead of O(N^2).

Written by Borealid
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