I need to set up a buildbot hosting environment which is capable of managing a large number of independent projects, and ideally provides a web front-end for users to manage their buildbot instance.

As far as I can gather, there isn't such a utility available at the moment.

I'm planning to roll my own, but could really use some advice before taking on this foolhardy task.

  • Is such a project already available, or is there something similar I could build upon?

  • Extend buildbot to allow build masters to manage multiple independent projects, or create a new utility to manage multiple instances of build masters?

  • Anyone interested in collaborating on such an undertaking?

Any other advice to steer me down the right path also appreciated.

Some background info:

I'm trying to promote the use of buildbot within my community but one of the largest hurdle I face is how complex the setup can be especially for the uninitiated. N.B. I work in a research environment where Fortran is (and has been for decades) the language of choice and Python is still somewhat novel.

It looks like the only way I can promote widespread adoption of buildbot across the many projects within my community is to provide a easy-to-use hosting service for buildbot.

Accepted Answer

Loki is a (now) Django-based project used "to centralize the maintenance of buildbots across a large build farm."

Ask on the buildbot maillist too. I think there was some other similar project underway as well, but I can't find the reference right now.

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