Is any website where I could upload my JQuery/Javascript, CSS, and HTML projects to show demos?

I am looking for any free file hosting service

  • to show my demos,
  • has a public download location for those files,
  • and is more than just storing files on their server.

I have asked this question because I would be providing links on my blog where I can't store files or show their demos. For example, I create a lightbox with JQuery, now I would like everyone to see its demo.


This is programming related.

Written by SLaks

no closers strike pleaaaaaaaase, this is legitimate question, i would be providing links on my blog (where i can't store files or show their demos). Think just a little before clicking that close link. Thank you :)

Written by Sarfraz

I have told the legitimate reason but still close continues, this is really bad :(

Written by Sarfraz

Your reason is not programming related. You want to know how to host content on the Internet. That is not a programming question.

Written by jmucchiello

@jmucchiello: It is programming related, who else can tell me other than programmers about how do they demo their projects?? So this question is targeted to programmers not a common internet surfer who has nothing to do with programming or hosting any projects made in jquery, etc. They are better off uploading images and videos, that's it. Hope that clarifies. Thanks

Written by Sarfraz

Hosting content is hosting content regardless of whether it is a programmer's jQuery widget or my Aunt Martha's pictures of her dogs. If wordpress doesn't let you host files, find webhost who does. You might have to pay for that privilege.

Written by jmucchiello

@jmucchiello: you said "If wordpress doesn't let you host files, find webhost who does. You might have to pay for that privilege". If I had to do this, i would not have asked this question. You consider this not a programming related, i do. There are things everyone takes in different fashion. So, I won't be replying anymore. Thanks

Written by Sarfraz

I'm with Sarfraz, his question is not "what is the cheapest host, or what hosting provider do you use", check the right column, questions about svn providers, Ec2 questions. Why his question is different ? It's not 100% programming related but it helps programmers, right?

Written by Devrim

Accepted Answer

Online Development Environment, Code Editor, Cloud Hosting, Database Administration, Collaboration, free hosting etc...

Another great list of editors is here.

Hope it helps, Sinan.

Written by Sinan Y.
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