I have two tables with these structure:

articles: article_id, text tags: tag_id, article_id, text

How can I select all articles AND all associated tags with one query? As I know, MySQL can only return a two-dimensional array, so I can one solution would be to concatenate all tags into a column of an articles select result. But how?

Accepted Answer

Take a look at the Group_Concat MySQL function. You can write something like

Select A.article_id, A.text GROUP_CONCAT(B.Text) As Tags 
From articles A 
Left Outer Join tags B Using (article_id) 
Group By A.article_id, A.Text

As Unreason mention in his answer, this should only be used if you want to display the data and I suggested it because you mention concatenating the tags in the questions. If you need to work with the date, use a simple join as fabrik suggested.

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