I'm working on a small project, where I'm using the codeigniter php framework, but find it's got a bit too much bloat for my purpose.

Essentially I'd like something to make database interaction, sessions and validations simpler. MVC would be nice too.

What I'm looking for is something that has 10 php files tops. When I'm adding some php functionality to a mostly html site, something like CodeIgniter just doesn't fit the bill.

Any suggestions ?


I'm not looking for a templating engine. And Kohona is a bit bigger than necessary (for me - for my purpose).

I came across elf-php, has anyone worked with that yet? IT looks like it has the essentials I'm looking for and some decent documentation. But this is just an impression.

It's hard for me to tell what the Fari-MVC does without playing around with it. I could go through the code and see the annotation, but I haven't found much else for docs.


You could always make your own framework, something you can tailor to your own needs.

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Fari: Yeah, the code is thoroughly documented and if you need any pointers I will be very glad to help.

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Accepted Answer

By the way, as a general answer, you can find a great amount of small php frameworks on Ohloh:


You can then select the one you like based on previewing the source, the documentation quality, the number of users that use it etc.

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