Before I begin, I guess this may not be strictly programming related but I think it's definitely related to web programming.

I'm after a domain for a startup project and I notice that it is currently on "clientHold" registrar status. From the research I've done this suggests that it is in dispute either due to an ownership dispute, a payment dispute or someone has suggested the domain is used by spammers/scammers. The whois data seems similar to other spammer details I've seen posted, and at the very least is largely anonymous.

The domain is registed with XIN NET who appear to be notorious for supporting spammer domains. I'd love to just contact the registrar but their site copyright is 2006 and I can't find any appropriate contact path. Even then, they are probably too large to actually deal with and my Chinese skills are limited to Google Translate.

One thing to note is that the expiry date for the domain isn't for a few months.

My questions are:

  • Is there any rule on how long a domain can be held in clientHold status?
  • Does the "last updated" whois data indicate when the domain was initially put on clientHold?
  • If the site is put up for deletion, will it enter a pending deletion status for some time or is it likely to just drop instantly?

Any details on how this stuff works would be appreciated.


Sorry, you said it - not programming related.

Written by Greg Hewgill

Still, "of interest to at least one other programmer somewhere" - it's web development and the domain process. I mean there's PLESK questions in here and hosting questions...

Written by Graphain

I wouldn't buy a domain that had previously been with Xinnet. It is likely to be on all sorts of blacklists.

Written by bobince

Yeah great point, still curious about the process for the future.

Written by Graphain

Each registrar is different. Even if it does free up, it'll go onto lists and domain squatters will buy it generally faster than netsol's or godaddy's backorder can grab it. Go for it if it's important, but don't get your hopes up.

Written by Adam Davis

Ah thanks - so it's registrar independent

Written by Graphain

Accepted Answer

your best bet if you really want it is to use a backordering system like godaddy has. If after a few months it still hasnt become available, you can move your backorder to another domain.

In my expirience, rarely will you ever see a domain in this status become available.

Written by Neil N
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