What are the pros and cons of using a hosting provider for a Subversion repository versus maintaining it in-house? I'm sure there are benefits in terms of ease of set up and use. And it would be nice to have somebody else make sure that our code is backed up properly.

However, Visual SVN Server is dirt simple to set up, and we already have a pre-established set of servers that are maintained by another department and backed up regularly. So with that said, what are the big pros and cons of using a hosted service versus maintaining it ourselves?

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You really should include the word subversion in the question.

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If you already have the infrastructure in place and are confident in your ability to host, backup and provide accessibility to your repositories then I would say that hosting SVN yourself is the way to go. This allows you relatively unlimited growth and total control over your source.

If you have a primarily mobile development workforce that are small in number then the cost and limitations of using a hosted provider might make it far more convenient for you. But this applies to very few companies.

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