I am a looking for proven tools to monitor performance on ActiveMQ 5.5. I come from an environment which used Glassfish and JMQ that can tell me rate of messages produced and consumed on any given destination using "imqcmd". Is there a like tool for ActiveMQ or a different way to go about it?

I see that there is a project at http://activemq.apache.org/activemq-performance-module-users-manual.html that will do some sort of performance reporting but it seems to be no more than a SNAPSHOT version that I cannot get to operate.

Any input would be appreciated.

Accepted Answer

there are several options for this: JMX, AMQ webconsole, other options

here are my notes on this...I opted to go with JMX and built a simple web app (JSP, jQuery, Google Charts, etc) to interface with JMX to gather queue stats, manage queues, etc...


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