I want to display files in my directory in browser. I know that this is possible using @opendir and readdir .. But what I want is to limit the number of files in the list to a specific number and display next using pagination. Can anybody suggest me a solution??

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Accepted Answer

You could use scandir to read all the contents of the directory into an array. Then output the contents of the array based on the pagination value.

$offset = 10; //get this as input from the user, probably as a GET from a link
$quantity = 10; //number of items to display
$filelist = scandir('/mydir');

//get subset of file array
$selectedFiles = array_slice($filelist, $offset-1, $quantity);

//output appropriate items
foreach($selectedFiles as $file)
    echo '<div class="file">'.$file.'</div>'; 
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