I have seen this question pop-up on stackoverflow a few times but haven't found a good solution yet. I am looking for recommendations on Virtual Private Server Hosting featuring Windows Server 2008 plus MS SQL database capabilities.

I have seen people suggest webhost4life.com, hostmysite.com and others but they do not offer windows server 2008 hosting, only 2003. I have also looked at mosso and aspnix.com. Mosso seems like a good move, but an hoping to find something below $100 a month and I have heard extremel mixed reviews on aspnix.com.

Thanks for the help.

Accepted Answer

I think I have found one that will be very promising. Applied.net just came out with a VPS package for server 2008. I have also looked into discountasp.net which also looks like it might serve my purpose/application (they allow you to modify the trust level, which I need)

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