Does WCF self hosting, still uses IIS or some Virtual Server based on IIS.

Eg: After coding a very basic WCF host, it s possible to invoke an endpoint such as

For example: invoking a WCF host via TCP, does that use IIS internally?

I m trying to avoid IIS due to another app i m using, which doenst work with IIS Threads. That s why asking. so i d like to manage my own AppDomain and threadpool rather than IIS.

Any recommendation?

Can i seperate hosting of WCF from IIS?


I recommend hosting within a Windows service. No muss, no fuss, no IIS...

Written by Brian Driscoll

Accepted Answer

When you self-host, you are using no a shred of IIS at all. You don't need IIS on that machine - nothing.

WCF self-hosting will require the http.sys driver for its http-based communication - but that's all there is. There is absolutely no trace of IIS needed - none, zip, nada.

Self-hosting WCF also allows you to pick your own service addresses and use whatever suits your needs - there's no virtual directory and no *.svc file to be dealt with.

Written by marc_s
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