I'm looking for the best hosting option for a Grails application, my requirements are:

  • Low number of requests and storage (to start with likely only hundreds of requests per day)
  • Ease of deployment and configuration (I want to concentrate on development and not setup and admin tasks)
  • Low cost

I've investigated the following:

  • Amazon EC2 and CloudFoundry look good (I got the sample app up and running in 10 minutes) but the costs are high ($60 per month) The EC2 micro instance looks more promising but isn't available on CloudFoundry.
  • VMForce also looks interesting but I can't see details of pricing and it's not available yet.
  • rackspacecloud looks more promising especially with this tutorial: www.lazygun.net/deploying-a-grails-app-to-rackspace-cloud-ser

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


see also grails.1312388.n4.nabble.com/Advise-on-hosting-td3276494.html

Written by Ralf

Chris, where did you find the pricing for CloudFoundry? I can not find any price setting for CloudFoundry once there beta stops.

Written by Ruben

Ruben, the CloudFoundry that I referred to in the original question above relates to the old version. This was based on top of Amazon EC2, therefore the costs refer to Amazon costs. I'm also looking forward to finding out what the prices are for the new CloudFoundry!

Written by Chris

Accepted Answer

www.Cloudfoundry.com, beta now.

Written by Seymour Cakes
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