I've asked my webhosting company to install Mercurial so that when I SSH into my website to make changes, I can submit the files directly to version control at Google code.

The support guy is asking me for "all the details" including which ports it uses so they can see if it fits with their security policy.

How do I find out what ports it uses, and what else might they need to know?


This is most definitely not off topic. The FAQ states the following is a valid question: software tools commonly used by programmers. Mercurial fits the bill 100%. Just because the question errs on sysadmin work, does not mean it has to be asked at serverfault. Turns out the answer does not necessarily involve sysadmin work anyway, just knowledge of how the tool works.

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Accepted Answer

You don't need to run a server at all for Mercurial. Your sysadmin just needs to make sure you have ssh access to the machine and that the Mercurial executable 'hg' is in your user's path. If they won't help on that last part you can always do it yourself putting hg in your own path. The URLs to which you'll push will look like:

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