In the last line of the following code, it has &2, if($page['special']&2).

What does & mean?

Thanks in advance.

else $id=0;
if($id){ // check that page exists
    $page=dbRow("SELECT * FROM pages WHERE id=$id");

// { if page is hidden from navigation, show a message saying that
if($page['special']&2)echo '<em>NOTE: this page is currently hidden from the front-end navigation. Use the "Advanced Options" to un-hide it.</em>';


possible duplicate of Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP?

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In the context of this question & was part of binary math, not a 'by reference' operator

Written by Dmitri

@Dmitri that case is covered in the linked reference as well.

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Accepted Answer

$page['special'] & 2


$page['special'] bitwise AND 2

It basically checks to see if the 2 bit is set in $page['special'].

This line:


explicitly adds 2 to $special so that it'll satisfy the bitwise AND operation and comparison, because decimal 2 == binary 10, with the 1 representing the 21 bit, ensuring it is set.

The AND operation returns 2 if the 2 bit is set, which resolves to true in PHP and satisfies the condition; otherwise it returns 0 which is considered false.

Quite a neat trick IMO, not sure how secure it is though.

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