Hello I am new to PHP and I don't know exactaly what does this code means

$de = array('Ä'=>'ae','ä'=>'ae','Ü'=>'ue','ü'=>'ue', 'Ö'=>'oe', 'ö'=>'oe', 'ß'=>'ss');
 strtr($str, ${$de});

The only thing that I need to know is what does it means **

"${$de}" ??


thanks a lot for the help.


can "variable variables" contain an array?

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What does it actually do? I would have thought that this should be written as 'strtr($str, $de)' - I'd expect the indirection to cause a warning and the code to fail.

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Accepted Answer

It's a variable variable, one of the most intriguing part of the php implementation.

Sometimes usefull, always confusing:

$Bar = "a";
$Foo = "Bar";
$World = "Foo";
$Hello = "World";
$a = "Hello";

$a; //Returns Hello
$$a; //Returns World
$$$a; //Returns Foo
$$$$a; //Returns Bar
$$$$$a; //Returns a
$$$$$$a; //Returns Hello
$$$$$$$a; //Returns World
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