I'm looking to deploy a new Ruby on Rails project I'm working on but need hosting. A managed server is overkill for me. I just need shared space. I'd like to go with a service that specializes in Ruby on Rails.

I've looked at SpeedyRails and RailsPlayground and they both seem to have pros and cons. Does anyone have experience with either? Does anyone have a different recommendation?

Accepted Answer

I use Dreamhost. I have been with them for ages, and for the money they have an awesome service. They have recently moved to Phusion Passenger, and the Rails support is as good as you can find outside of someone like EngineYard. Generally, I have usedthem mostly for staging and acceptance testing and for my personal projects. They have been so solid I recently started using them for some of my client's production sites as well.

I also use Slicehost for some sites that have more specific requirements. Again, great value for money, but you will need to be comfortable setting up your own server. They do have some great tutorials that step you through everything you need.

For some of my clients, who require an Australian-based hosting provider, I have a VPS with Net Logistics.

Update 23/04/2010

A lot has changed since this post was created.

These days I am using Heroku for all of my development and staging. I also have several production systems running on it for clients.

I was previously using Dreamhost, but I have found that the free Heroku service performs better than a Rails app on a shared Dreamhost account. Also, Heroku has much better availability and incredible support for Rails - deployment is trivial.

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