In terms of ISPs and webhosting, what is LINQ hosting? What does it give me as a developer or a site admin?

I've looked around and all the sites I found fail to explain what LINQ hosting is. They explain what LINQ is but fall short on the hosting part.

What are you using LINQ hositng for?

EDIT 1: I know what LINQ is and love it! Why are ISPs offering something inherent in the framework?

Edit 2: Examples include: - from their website, "The ASP.NET LINQ Hosting plan means that the Windows hosting provider support MS LINQ (Language Integrated Query) hosting."


Can you point us to an example?

Written by Kyle Trauberman

Maybe they support .Net 3.5? Sounds like marketing gone wrong.

Written by Jace Rhea

It probably just means they have the latest .NET frameworks, they run SQL server, and they might even provide support for configuring Linq-to-SQL or Linq-to-Entity solutions.

Written by Anthony Pegram

Accepted Answer

It's a cheap trick for advertising.

Linq is getting to be a hot subject and they try to score easy contracts with managers that have no clue except that the tech people said they used linq for the new project ;)

I mean "Fully adheres to all LINQ hosting system requirements", what requirements?

Does that mean that if I need a linq provider for an old Paradox database they do that :D

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