I have a Hosting which doesn't support SQL server or any other databse because it is cheap. I know that there are some Dll in which we can add to project and use it as the database.

I wantto know that which one is the best? and is there any other solution to use a database in a Hosting which doesn't support any kind of Database? (don't tell that you can usefile-base database, cause I don't like it)


Aren't all databases file-based under the hood anyway?

Written by BoltClock

Presuming they mean not service based.

Written by Mitch Wheat

@BoltClock, yes they are but in behind the sence,You know I'd rader Dll databses

Written by Nasser Hadjloo

Keep in mind that generally sqlite will not work in medium trust environment, and most shared hosting give you only medium trust.

Written by CatchyTech

Accepted Answer

You could use SQL Server Compact Edition, or SqlLite with a .NET provider (like this one: System.Data.SQLite).

Written by Simon Mourier
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