Currently I have subversion set up so that when I make changes in Eclipse PDT, I can commit the changes and they will be saved in /home/administrator/Project File. This file has the /branches /tags and /trunk directories recommended by subversion. I have no problem properly uploading files to the repository, but do I have to "mv" the files in Linux to /var/www in order to make them live on the server? Is there an automatic process to do this that I am missing? I'm assuming we don't want to make the /var/www directory (which is live on the machine) the repository, but I don't know.

Accepted Answer

You can do an svn export into your www directory. That will give you a "clean" version of your repo, without the .svn directories.

cd /var/www
svn export /home/administrator/MyProject/trunk MyProject

Edit: adding in some good ideas from the comments...

Some options for when you want to update your exported copy:

  • run svn export --force /home/...../ MyProject this will stop it complaining about overwriting the existing files. This method will mean that if you delete a file from your repository, it'll still remain in your www folder.
  • change your SVN command to export into a new directory each time:
    svn export /home/..../ MyProject_20081105
    and then create a symlink to that folder:
    ln -s MyProject_20081105 MyProject
    Just delete and recreate the symlink each time you "release". In this case, the export directory doesn't need to be in the www folder at all.
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