Pretty simple question. Looking for recommendations for setting up a free website and having the best answer voted up.

  • All platforms and programming languages included.
  • I value a powerful programming environment over everything else



I'm asking this question for somebody else, I'd personally just pay dreamhost or linode and make sure I'm getting quality service. So please don't just tell me to pay somebody because I know. I'm asking for the sake of asking.


Belongs on severfault.

Written by Samuel

I don't think it belongs on serverfault, I'm asking it from a programming perspective.

Written by Ryu

Accepted Answer

Freehostia have a "Chocolate" plan that's free and has no ads. See here for the complete list of features.

I'm on a paid plan myself, and it's not too bad considering how much you pay. However, there have been several times when my website has been down, and I would like to see more Apache modules installed on their servers.


Written by Steve Harrison
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