I came across lots of hosting companies are unwilling to upgrade to PHP5.3. Most of them gave me the reason is that there are lots of bugs in PHP5.3, so they prefer to keep it at version 5.2.

What is wrong with v5.3 then? is that true what they said - lots of bugs? I haven't come across any bugs on my local server! Or are they just unwilling to upgrade!??


Accepted Answer

  • IIRC the bytecode caches were not ready and adapted for the new ABIs and Zend_core changes when the very first PHP 5.3.0 was released. That's meanwhile solved, but the suspicion sticks.
  • Then there's too few user requests really, since not a whole lot of code depends on 5.3 features yet.
  • A few compatibility breaks exist (there were some WP and Drupal issues, but most of the issues are exaggerated).

And so most shared hosters have no incentive to upgrade existing servers.

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