I need to replicate the functionality of mod_alias which I can't use directly because I'm on shared hosting, and Alias statements don't work in .htaccess.

What I want to achieve is essentially

Alias /manual /www/customer/some_other_dir/manual

I am trying mod_rewrite:

RewriteRule ^/manual/(.*) /www/customer/some_other_dir/manual/%1?%{QUERY_STRING} [L]

this will never match any calls to www.example.com/manual.

Why not? What am I doing wrong?


@Pekka - Check my revision before putting that live! :P

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Accepted Answer


RewriteRule ^/manual(/(.*))?$ /www/customer/some_other_dir/$2 [L]

The ? means optional for the / character in addition to the kleene closure on the . to ensure /manual, /manual/ and /manual/a/b/c although I gather a slash is usually added by apache pre-rewrite engine anyway.

A quick test on my box shows this rule also passes the query string:

/manual/a/b?c=d -> /www/customer/some_other_dir/manual/$2
Written by Aiden Bell
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