It's too much repetitive work to call header() and then die() [?] every time a you need to redirect to another URL. That's why you probably have a function / method that looks like the following:

function redirect($url, $http_response_code = 302)
    header("Location: ".$url, true, $http_response_code);


Where does this method live in your projects / frameworks?

It doesn't fit in any category. Wherever I put it, it doesn't feel right. CodeIgniter (and Kohana) put inside of the url helper class but again, it doesn't feel right (along with methods like site_url() and base_url()).

Accepted Answer

I personally keep it in a Response class (I have static class, contains helper functions like this one: redirect(), sendFile(), sendContent() etc).

If you do not have one -- then you may have Request class (dealing with all aspects of the request, e.g. isAjax(), isCLI(), isSecure(), getServerSoftware(), getClientIP() etc). It does not fit here 100% but something close.

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