I'm looking for a hosting provider for my Python-Django project.

I need suggestions in terms of both shared space and managed server solutions. Of course, in case of shared space, Python execution through CGI is not an option.

For now, I'm concerning Slicehost or Linode... Anyone with other recommendations?



Why do you specify FastCGI or mod_python? mod_wsgi is the preferred method these days, and is much more efficient than either.

Written by Daniel Roseman

Duplicate question? stackoverflow.com/questions/2729/…

Written by msanders

@Daniel, You're right, what I actually wanted was to eliminate simple CGI solutions. Edited.

Written by Jox

ServerFault, maybe?

Written by Nikhil Chelliah

hm... was there ServerFault two years ago?

Written by Jox

Accepted Answer

Have a look at: djangohosting.org and djangofriendly.com If you are looking for a VPS, Slicehost and Linode are probably your best options.

Written by jörg
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