I have tried to unserialize a PHP Object.

Warning: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Node no longer exists in /var/www/app.php on line 42

But why was that happen?

Even if I found a solution to unserialize simplexml objects, its good to know why php cant unserialize objects?

To serialize simplexml object i use this function

function serializeSimpleXML(SimpleXMLElement $xmlObj) 

        return serialize($xmlObj->asXML());


To unserialize an simplexml objetc i use this function

function unserializeSimpleXML($str) 

        return simplexml_load_string(unserialize($str));


Accepted Answer

SimpleXMLElement wraps a libxml resource type. Resources cannot be serialized. On the next invocation, the resource representing the libxml Node object doesn't exist, so unserialization fails. It may be a bug that you are allowed to serialize a SimpleXMLElement at all.

Your solution is the correct one, since text/xml is the correct serialization format for anything XML. However, since it is just a string, there isn't really any reason to serialize the XML string itself.

Note that this has nothing inherently to do with "built-in" PHP classes/objects, but is an implementation detail of SimpleXML (and I think DOM in PHP 5).

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