I asked the following question on SuperUser.com and the question was closed. Maybe it should be asked on ServerFault.com. Not sure.

But here it is on SO hoping it will get some traction.


I have a wordpress website. It is NOT a wordpress.com website. This website is hosted at godaddy.com This weekend whenever I fired up my browser and loaded the landing (or any other page) there it would load (firefox would say "Done") and then after a 1 second pause the browser would redirect to some seemingly random website.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this is an intermittent problem.

I use difficult to break passwords for my wordpress admin.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or what the problem is?


Yes, the url is http://www.meeting-minutes.org. For the record, the reason I did not include the url when I reposted my question here is because I thought that someone might think that I am just trying to promote the software that I reference on the website. That is genuinely not my purpose.

EDIT Thanks for the help. I have taken the site down by simply renaming the hosting folder (so it now returns a 404 which is fine.) I will clean it up and redeploy after cleaning it up.

For the life of me I don't know how this could have happened.



Please post the link

Written by pixeline

You need to post a link to your blog I think. This sounds like either your blog, or your PC has been hijacked.

Written by Pekka

meeting-minutes.org He posted it in the SU version of the question. And wow, did that ever set off my antivirus. Be careful heading to that link.

Written by Brandon

Accepted Answer

Specific to Wordpress (and linked numerous times in the Wordpress forums): FAQ: My site was hacked « WordPress Codex and how-to-completely-clean-your-hacked-wordpress-installation.

Written by songdogtech
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