Apache 2.2.3, PHP 5.2.17, RHEL 5 64bit

If I do a echo shell_exec('echo $HOME'); in a page on my server and I view it in my browser I get : /root, which is not what I thought I should have (/var/www)
A whoami command returns apache
Same result with exec Any idea ?


echo shell_exec('echo $HOME'); that statment is errornous. you can not use echo inside echo

Written by Shakti Singh

Don't see your point. I call a shell echo via shell_exec and use a PHP echo to show shell_exec return. Where is the error ?

Written by Serty Oan

@Shakti - 'echo $HOME' is a shell command not a PHP commant.

Written by Cfreak

oh i see ......

Written by Shakti Singh

Accepted Answer

Apache starts as root and then changes to the Apache user but that doesn't update the environment variables. See here: http://serverfault.com/questions/179833/apache2-user-home-directory-lock-to-root

If you want the document root of Apache you should use $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']

Written by Cfreak
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