I'm in the process of learning xmpp for a group chat app I have in mind. Right now I'm using jabber.org accounts. One thing I haven't been able to wrap my head around is how this app is going to be hosted in the long run. I'm expecting there to be multiple rooms, with several people, so I can't put a hard number on just how much traffic I'll be dealing with. Should I continue to use jabber, or are there xmpp hosts out there I should consider? I can't just plop this app onto a regular web host right?

I'm also inclined to believe that I'm not thinking about this the right way.

Accepted Answer

You could always run your own XMPP server. Launch an EC2 instance, install ejabberd on it, you are in business.

Or you can use hosted solutions such as Hosted.im (disclaimer : I work for the company — but I can tell you the best minds work on the service, and there are great features down the line.)

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