I'm using Zend_Db to query a table. I have some WHERE clauses that need to be dates and it's not clear (at first glance) how to do this "the right way". Does Zend_Db provide an abstraction so I don't need to concern myself with how the backend (Oracle, MySQL, etc.) expects its dates? Or do I need to format things in the way my backend expects them.

I'm trying the following with an Oracle based database (PO_DATE is a timestamp field)

$table = $this->getDbTable();				
$select = $table->select()->where('1 = ?', 1);		
$select->where('PO_DATE = ?', '2009-12-02');

and I get the following exception

  <b>Message:</b> 1843 ORA-01843: not a valid month SELECT "TABLE_NAME".* FROM "SYSTEM"."TABLE_NAME" WHERE (1 = 1) AND (PO_DATE = *'2009-12-02')  </p>

I realize I could do something like this

$date = new Zend_Db_Expr(
"to_date('2009-12-02', 'YYYY-MM-DD')"
$select->where('PO_DATE = ?', $date);

but that ties me to Oracle's date based Expressions, which partially defeats the purpose of using a SQL abstraction layer.

Is there a generic way to do date queries independent of the back-end implementation with Zend_Db?

Accepted Answer

I would definitely like such a capability, however, I haven't found any in the Zend Framework. This issue in their tracker also makes me pretty confident its not in there yet.

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